Toy Police Cars

Are you looking for the perfect toy police cars. Toy cars have been around since the first automobile was invented. Naturally toy police cars and fire trucks soon followed. These toy vehicles not only give children an object to play with, but also allow them to use their imagination and learn about these heroic employees.

Today there are many types of toy police cars to choose from. However, if you want to build your own, it isn't very hard to do. A wooden car is not hard to make. Draw the shape of a car on a piece of wood. Inside the drawing draw a window and two circles for tire axles.

Cut out the holes for the window and tire axles. Now, you attach the wheels to the wooden body by placing a dowel inside each hole. Then you place a wheel on each side of each dowel. After adding a little paint we now have our very own toy police cars.

If you don't feel like making your own, there are plenty available for purchase. Some toy police cars play music, have other sound effects, and may be remote controlled. There is a large variety and the prices also vary. You can find one as cheap or expensive as you want.

If you want something a little more meaningful, but don't want to build your won toy police cars, you can find an antique pedal police car. These cars are great because they not only a fun toy, but they are a valuable collectors item. Not many collectors items are so resilient that even children can play with them.

Whether you are a policeman who wants your son to be able to pretend to follow in your foot steps, or you just have a great respect for the policeman who help protect our neighborhoods, toy police cars are great children's toys.

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