Kid Party Games

A parent not only has to worry about surviving a kid's party, but they also have to worry about kid party games. Fortunately, you can take old ideas and give them a new twist. You can also find a lot of information on internet and parenting magazines.

One of the kid party games that is easily adapted to any theme is the pin the tail on the donkey game. You can actually fill in the blanks with anything. For example, Pin the "tie" on "spongebob" or Pin the tail on the "dinosaur". As you can see this game can be transformed into a number of kid party games.

Pin the tail is just one of the kid party games that can be adapted to any party theme. A bean bag toss can also be matched to any theme. Creating your bean bags is easy and so is creating a container to catch them. Either both the container and the bags can be customized or just one can be tied to the theme.

Bean bags can be created in different shapes. A box with decorated poster board can catch the bean bags in any shaped hole you decide to go with. Use your imagination and this can be one of the great kid party games at your child's party.

Piñatas are one of my favorite kid party games. However, for small children swinging a bat may not be the safest activity. Yet, you can purchase piñatas that do not require a bat. Instead they have strings that children take turns pulling. One of the strings causes the bottom of the piñata to tear loose releasing the candy. This can be a safe way to include the piñata in your kid party games.

If you don't want to purchase a piñata, you can always make one yourself. These can be made out of paper mache or simply paper bag. You can also add the ribbon idea to ensure it remains one of the safe kid party games.

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