Guitar Effects Pedals

The guitar can produce a beautiful sound all by itself. Classical guitar has proven this. However, in rock and roll music is given a fresh face when guitar effects pedals produce new sounds.

With so many possible techniques produced by guitar effects pedals, variations and combinations are endless. The major effects produced by modern guitarists include amplitude based effects, waveform distortion effects, frequency response effects, and time delay effects.

Amplitude based guitar effects pedals control the loudness of the sound when first hear, how it changes, and the speed at which it changes. These effects include volume control, compression, and expansion just to name a few. One example of an amplitude based effect is the "wah wah" effect.

Time delay guitar effects pedals are self explanatory. They store digital information and create a delay effect that may include an echo, or reverb. In fact, there are a few different types of echoes that may be produced from time delay guitar effects.

Waveform distortion guitar effects pedals do just that. They distort the signal through a number of methods including symmetrical clipping asymmetrical clipping, infinite limiting, half wave rectification, full wave rectification, and arbitrary waveform generation.

Frequency response guitar effects pedals are also commonly used to produce guitar effects. These effects may include vibrato, tone control, and treble, mid or bass boosts.

With guitar effects pedals you can probably create some neat sounds just playing around. However, to gain the ability to control the way your music sounds, you need to obtain a more in-depth knowledge of your equipment. Guitar effects pedals can create some awesome effects when you know what you are doing.

One way to find more information is to read the manual, ask the questions when purchasing, and research articles. In the meantime, go ahead and try out your guitar effects pedals.

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