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Imagine coasting down the freeway in your vehicle. You put your foot on the gas pedal to accelerate your speed by about 5 miles. You take your foot of the gas pedal but your speed continues to rise. It sounds a bit like a movie, but actually you may have a stuck gas pedal.

The gas pedal on your car isn't the most worrisome part of your car but you should be aware of the potential hazards. This includes watching out for signs that your vehicle's gas pedal may be starting to stick, and knowing what to do when if it does.

If your gas pedal feels like it is starting to get sticky, take it to your mechanic. While this isn't a common problem like dirty filters or worn out break pads it can happen and when it does, it needs to be addressed quickly.

If your gas pedal gets stuck while you are driving, there is procedure that can help you safely stop your car. The first thing you should do is warn other passengers. This can be done by putting on your emergency or hazard lights.

Next, you need to put your car in neutral so that you can turn off the engine. Prepare yourself because when you do this, your car will have no power. This means that your power steering will be out, however the car will stop accelerating and will begin to slow down allowing you to pull the car over.

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To prevent being stranded along the roadside, it is best to deal with your sticking gas pedal before it is too late. This means having it checked by a mechanic.

That being said, it is also a good idea to keep the both the break and gas pedals clear of objects. These objects can get lodged beneath the pedals and can create a driving hazard.

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