Car Games For Kids

Car games for kids can be a sanity saver on long road trips. Finding car games for kids doesn't have to be a difficult job. In fact, many of the games you already play with your children can be adapted to play in the car. After a while you may find yourself developing car games for kids from scratch.

A lot of trivia games can be converted to car games for kids by forgetting the board and pieces and just using the question cards. Trivial pursuit and other trivia questions can be answered just for fun, or you can keep score by awarding points.

Name that tune can be played a number of ways. This makes it one the best car games for kids. You can use the car radio, tape deck, or hum your own tunes. Many times radio DJ's do not give the name of the title of the song and the artist until after the song or a group of songs. Humming your own can give the game a silly twist.

There are also a number of memory games that are also great car games for kids. On is the "I'm going on a trip" game. The first person states "I'm going on a trip to blank and I'm going to bring blank." Of course they must fill in the blanks.

The second person states the same exact phrase the first person stated and adds their item after the first person. Each person adds their own item after repeating all of the items stated beforehand. There are variations of this game where the first person has to state something beginning with an A and then each person after him has to follow the alphabet.

You can also play the alphabet game. This game is played by trying to be the first one to finish the alphabet. However, you have to get your letters from road signs. You can also allow license plates if you wish. In car games for kids you make up the rules.

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