Antique Toy Trains

Do you have some antique toy trains? If you are the owner of some antique toy trains you may be thinking about selling them. Well, before you go on a search to find out whether you toy train is truly antique, you may want to decide what condition your antique toy trains are in.

The Train Collectors Association has their own set of standards clearly set out that may help you decide what condition your antique toy trains are in. The standards involve a rating that is based on a scale from C1 to C10 with C10 being mint condition.

In the case of antique toy trains, mint condition is similar to mint condition coins. It is the cream of the crop. It refers to antique toy trains that have never been used or blemished any form or fashion.

C9 is Factory new condition. These antique toy trains contain all of their original parts and have never been used. However, these trains may show signs of having been handled by the factory and may have even been test run at the factory.

C8 is Like New condition. These trains are completely original. They have no missing parts or rust but may show signs of aging and may have been on display.

C7 is Excellent condition. These antique toy trains also have all of their original parts. However, they may have tiny scratches and paint chips. Yet, they still will not be rusted or missing any parts.

C6 is Very Good condition. Antique toy trains in this condition may have scratches and paint nicks still less noticeable. However, they may also have signs of rust in tiny spots and may have replaced parts.

C5 is Good condition. These antique toy trains will have been played with and are likely to have scratches and minor paint loss. They may have small dents and minor surface rust basically from being played with.

C4 is Fair condition. These trains have been played with heavily. They may have more paint loss, damaged and missing parts, and surface rust from being heavily played with.

C3 is in Poor condition. These antique toy trains require major body overhauls. They are heavily scratched with missing parts and major rust. Yet, they should be in good enough condition to be a restoration candidate.

C2 and C1 are the worst conditions. C2 is Restoration required which is pretty self explanatory. C1 is considered Junk and is only usable as spare parts. However, even these antique toy trains have some value.

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